Last Argosy

The Records

The contrast between the archives of Edward C. Rigg and the fragmented archives have produced very different forms of investigation. With the fragmented archives, ‘Brick Lane’ and ‘The Records’ I have conducted experiments using participants from the Argosy collective to interpret their personal experiences from the selected archives. This etic approach has encouraged a constructed narrative based upon the participant’s own social, educational and political viewpoint and stance. The records are two shoe-boxes full of accounts and advertising strategies from a northern corner shop in the 50’s and 60’s. I came across the archive on Huddersfield market and originally thought the contents to be a random collection of ephemera. Edward’s archive and the Records archive are from the same time period, but unlike Edward’s archive, the ‘Records’, are unorganised, chaotic and fragmented. They reflect the ‘make do and mend’, philosophy after the war when rationing was still prevalent. Many of the fragments contained within the shoe-boxes are a palimpsest, which adds to the construct nature of the archive. The abundance of ephemera contained within the boxes provides a rich graphical and typographical record of the period and will be the inspiration for works reflecting on the tactile and historical nature of the resource. I am still debating my stance on using the contents in original artworks, but feel uneasy at re-purposing the original documents. 

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