Last Argosy

The Bureau

Developed from a 1940’s box of documents that came out of a war time corner shop, The Bureau is a think tank brand who propose to re imagine the past to give insights into the future. The idea of the project was to create a brand that took all the values and design style of the 40’s and 50’s to create a more modern interpretation of the time period. Three campaign posters, brand guidelines, a book and a website were created for this project.


The Bureau has a vision to repurpose history. To campaign for a better tomorrow with yesterday’s values.The Bureau reminds us where we are now, where have we been and where we are going.

We use a vintage aesthetic to capture the attention of a nostlagic older audience, and an impressionable younger generation. There are three departments within The Bureau: Health, Growth and Food. These three departments have different aims and campaign objectives to encourage their audience to make better choices. Choices that both effect themselves and the people around them.

We are an independant, non-profit thinktank who continue to engage society with inspired ideas, clever creative and meaningful messages. We encourage society to consider how they can make changes that effect a generation. 

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